Each and every retreat guest of BigWorldSmallPlanet is led through an incredible journey of Nicaragua filled with breathtaking locations, exciting activities and dynamic culture. Our company's approach is other than one-size-fits-all.  For us, it’s very personal and we revel in being unique and adaptable within this diverse and evolving country.

As a result, we have successfully cultivated an exceptional local network of both large and small businesses, hoteliers, restaurants and service providers.  We carefully choose our partners just as our guest travelers carefully choose us.

BigWorldSmallPlanet is owned and operated by Adrienne Ward, an American residing in Nicaragua and Miami.  Adrienne’s years of experience in developing unique, upscale yoga and wellness retreats and tours in the country for international clients served as the impetus in creating BigWorldSmallPlanet. In addition to operating BWSP, she is active in her role as a Consultant to local businesses, large and small, focused on catering to the international traveler from the Yoga & Wellness Communities visiting Nicaragua.